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Technology geekery. Linux Kernel hacking. Millionaire dream. Liverpool fan.

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Text In The City

Sunday, July 31, 2005
filed under Writings


The Challenge:
Write a story of 100 words about love, desire, passion and living, in an urban context.

Winning entries:
The top 3 will be determined by online, popular voting then printed on ZoCards distributed throughout Singapore.

To enter or vote: please visit www.swf.sg

Prize: The thrill of it all. You're not in this for the money, right?
Entries close: 1 August 2005. How long can it take?
Voting: 4 August to 8 August 2005. Tell the family!

There's still 12 hours left. So come on guys, get your writing cap on. I'll be writing and submitting an entry. It's only 100 words, so why not.

I'll be posting my entry here after the competition.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

filed under Books

I just finished reading this wonderful book over the weekend. I had wanted to get this book after playing the CASHFLOW game at Settler's Cafe a few months back. It's a great read.

Money is after all an idea that most people work for all their lives. But we can very well make money work for us. Robert Kiyosaki provides six great lessons that will teach us how to unleash that financial genius in everyone of us.

The name "Rich Dad Poor Dad" comes from two people whom Robert Kiyosaki looks up as his father when he was young. One is his real, educated but poor dad and the other is his best friend's rich dad. And the story unwinds when Robert decides to work for his best friend Mike's father.

This book is for anyone who wants to boost their financial intelligence.

$500 Premium1500 Privilege

Friday, July 29, 2005
filed under Wishlist


I just got a $500 voucher from Singtel. And I want to get this phone. Sony Ericsson K750i. It's got a 2 megapixel camera. Cool!

The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost, 1916

Trump, Celebrity Or Businessman?

filed under Business

I was googling for "Donald Trump" yesterday to get some management articles featuring him. My brother was doing a project on management and I thought I could help him do something about it. It turned out to be a fruitful experience and I got an interesting article from Fortune. Rather old article dated


Wednesday, July 27, 2005
filed under Web

This is what my blog title looks like after Logogle Googlefied it.


Microsoft To Patent Emoticon

filed under News

Microsoft wants to own a patent on the emoticon method. What? These smiley faces can be patented? Yes, it's true. They have applied for this: "A method, comprising: selecting pixels to be used as an emoticon; assigning a character sequence to the pixels; and transmitting the character sequence to a destination to allow for reconstruction of the pixels at the destination."

"Monopolising Microsoft". They want a piece of everything!

Will we need to pay for using smileys in future? Pirated smileys, anyone?

Groklaw provides some technical details on this issue and patents in general.


Bloggers vs Mainstream Media

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Kaunas 1-3 Liverpool

filed under Liverpool

Liverpool got a well-deserved 3-1 win over Lithuanian champions Kaunas despite conceding an early goal. We are now on the right path towards the third qualifying round of the Champions League.

Dijbril Cisse was on form again to score after 27 minutes with a good link-up play from Zenden and Crouch. Jamie Carragher then added another goal two minutes later to take the lead. This was his first goal for five and a half years; a downward header from a Steven Gerrard's corner.

Stevie converted from the spot in the second half after being brought down in the area. That's his sixth goal of the Champions League qualifying campaign so far.

I'm absolutely delighted with our six straight wins in pre-season.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005
filed under News

This name really sucks. Thank God they didn't rename it. Yahoo! has acquired Konfabulator and the great news is that it's now available for free. The platform is now known as Yahoo! Widgets with the core engine still called Konfabulator.

Widgets are really slick and fun little applications that adds that little bit of spark to your desktop. Guess I'll be devoting some time for learning to create widgets. The geek in me is showing up again. One more item to my very packed to-do list.

Minor Revamp

filed under Web

My blog has undergone a very minor revamp. The original blue header has been replaced by a photograph. The photograph was taken from Stock.XCHNG. It's a wonderful website that provides an impressive collection of royalty free stock photographs. Web designers must visit Stock.XCHNG if you want quality images on your website.

I have also been busy re-designing a website which I have left out in the cold for a long time. The site's now alive and kicking. I'm not linking it from here, but I can reveal that it's got something to do with soccer.

Liverpool 4-3 Olympiacos

Sunday, July 24, 2005
filed under Liverpool

Milan Baros continued to prove his worth despite being threatened with Peter Crouch's arrival. He smashed two past Olympiacos in a 4-3 win in Liechtenstein.

Crouch was the star of the first half after going close twice. He made a mazy run into the box and set up Luis Garcia's opener.

But Milan stole the limelight in the second half. He set up Fernando Morientes to slot home the second goal. Then with a great individual effort, he rounded the keeper twice to score twice in six minutes. Brilliant effort.

Although we conceded three goals, it's still 17 goals and five wins out of five matches. Our scoring form is going well.

Longhorn = Windows Vista

Saturday, July 23, 2005
filed under News

It's official. Microsoft announced the official name of its next-generation Windows client operating system yesterday, 22 July 2005. Windows Vista Beta 1 will be available by August 3, 2005.


My Blog On EFF Deep Links

filed under News

Derek Slater from EFF Deep Links came to read my post written for the EFF's 15th Anniversary Blog-a-thon and quoted me for his article.

Meanwhile, Tux-Hacker draws attention to the way repressive regimes stifle online speech and a newer front for free speech -- bloggers' rights. He also points out the importance of allowing anonymity so that people can "express any views openly" without fear of reprisal. If you're wondering how to blog anonymously, we've published some tips here.

For your info, Deep Links is a group weblog featuring pointers to news articles and weblog posts that spark the interest of EFF staff members.

Great, at least I know someone's reading my blog.


London Brave Through Bombs

Friday, July 22, 2005
filed under News

Terrorists made an attempt to kill again yesterday afternoon UK time. The attacks were very similar to that of 14 days ago. Four almost simultaneous explosions were heard at 3 Tube stations and a bus. It was very fortunate that no casualties were reported as the devices were only partially exploded.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair urged people to react calmly and carry on with their lives. The Londoners are very brave people indeed. They know the intention of terrorists was to scare people, and they proved the terrorists wrong. Nobody was afraid, life goes on.

I couldn't imagine what if this happens in Singapore. Even though no one was killed, I believe nobody would be taking the trains and buses for at least a few days. Everyone would rush to get their groceries and stay at home. Nobody's going to school or work. And when we thought racial harmony exists, everyone would be blaming a particular religion.

I read at tomorrow.sg that some ignorant fool was telling the British to stop pointing fingers at Muslims. But I guess he didn't realise that Britain was doing a better job at racial harmony than we are. We really have to learn from the Londoners when such crisis hits us.

Firefox 1.0.6 Out

Thursday, July 21, 2005
filed under Web

Shortly after the release of Firefox 1.0.5, Mozilla has released Firefox 1.0.6.

Firefox 1.0.6 is a stability update. We recommend that users upgrade to this latest version.

Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.6:

  • Restore API compatibility for extensions and web applications that did not work in Firefox 1.0.5.


Fighting Freedom for Singapore Bloggers

filed under Web

Reporters Without Borders ranks Singapore 147th out of 167 countries on press freedom. Traditional media are told to report everything in the country's or rather the government's interest. Then came the blogs. Great, online publications that we thought free speech exists without fear of libel. We were wrong, the government starts to fight internet dissidents. Freedom of speech is not a right here; it simply doesn't exist here.

In the blogosphere, the shutting down of AcidFlask's blog made Singapore famous for all the wrong reasons. Jiahao Chen criticised Philip Yeo, chairman of the government's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and the A*STAR scholarship system. He was forced to shut down his blog on 26 April 2005 for fear of a libel action by Yeo.

Were his criticisms true or just baseless accusations? Nobody knows, except AcidFlask and A*STAR. I really don't see any reason for a Ph. D. candidate to be lying. But even if the accusations are true, shutting down is still inevitable given the government's intolerance towards any form of criticism.

The youths here are told to speak up more, especially in recent years. In February 2005, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew urged an outspoken student from the National University of Singapore to express his views on the Internet if all other avenues failed. What views would Mr Lee want us to express? How about starting a political debate on the Internet? Impossible, the laws are too restrictive for us to express any views openly. Political websites have to be registered, and are open to libel charges.

Look at Dr Chee Soon Juan, Singapore's opposition leader, and the number of defamation suits he has faced from the government. Why do we have to tolerate with Singapore's authoritarian style of government? The reason's simple, nobody dares to speak up. Whether you publish your views online or offline, someone's watching you.

Government security agencies are allowed to deploy scanning programs to screen those suspected of using computers to endanger national security and essential public services. This includes posting defamatory remarks.

I doubt one can be truly anonymous online if you connect through a local ISP. Your IP address can be easily tracked. But I guess it's possible to be an anonymous blogger. All you need is an url with a free blogging service like Blogger and a fake identity. I've chose to keep my identity private to avoid legal troubles. I'm with Blogger and only my fake identity, tuxhacker, is associated with my blog's url. Who knows who I am?

Come on guys, get a blog and speak up. Freedom of speech does exist on the blogosphere. Tell the government to get a life and stop going online to track down bloggers.

Crouch Signs for Liverpool

filed under Liverpool

Liverpool have completed the signing of 6ft 7in striker Peter Crouch from Southampton, on a four-year deal. Crouch will wear the 15 shirt.

EFF15 Blogathon

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
filed under News

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month. They're holding a weeklong EFF15 Blog-a-thon between July 19-26 where everyone's invited to blog about personal experiences fighting for freedom online. I'll write my post tomorrow to show my support. Happy Birthday, EFF!

Singapore Idol and Project Superstar A Failure

filed under News

Notice the recent hype about Mediacorp's Singapore Idol and Project Superstar? Sometimes, I wonder whether these are really singing competitions. They are trying very hard to replicate the success of America Idol. But voting in US is in the millions and the number of votes are really representing the contestant's popularity. Simon Cowell and gang doesn't vote. I think it's fair, we can't let a few individuals account for 30% of the score like Project Superstar.

I think the five judges over here are not professional enough to be absolutely fair. One of the judges is just trying too hard to be like Simon Cowell. Look at the third judge, her comments are too crude and seems fabricated. We can't assume she can judge someone's singing ability when she has only won a singing competition decades ago.

Our competitions over here are more like "survival of the richest" or to compete who can get the most number of teenage girls to have a crush on them or who has the most number of rich friends and relatives to support them.

It's so easy to be an "idol" here. Spend a few thousand bucks on phone calls in exchange for a lucrative singing contract. But, let's be realistic. Both the winner and runner-ups of Singapore Idol did cut their own albums, but it's only released locally. The winner is not eligible for World Idol. It's such a relief for Singapore; we don't want a guy who wears excessive makeup to represent our country and only knows the R&B genre. And we got a runner-up who prefers Chinese pop but still managed to go second in the competition. Has Singapore Idol been successful in making a superstar? I don't think so.

But Mediacorp sees it a success and created Project Superstar. The revenue generated from voting is too attractive. Singtel should also have got a piece of the cake from the services provided. They thought of another marketing gimmick to boost revenue. Guess what, they made use of the sympathy of Chinese viewers and introduced a visually handicapped contestant.

There's a television commercial going on recently with Wei Lian (the visually handicapped contestant) showing up at the last bit with some words saying whether we should vote him for the sake of sympathy. What's up with Mediacorp for showing this? Even a Mediacorp Radio DJ has criticised this commercial.

Singaporeans have always been insensitive towards disabled people and I thought the media should encourage the public to treat disabled people as normal. How will Wei Lian feel when his disability is used as a marketing gimmick and people are voting him out of sympathy? Please stop this stupid television commercial right now.

TNS 0-3 Liverpool

filed under Liverpool

Liverpool will face FBK Kaunas in the second qualifying round of the Champions League after a 6-0 aggregate victory over TNS. But again, there was no goal feast in this second leg.

We were kept within a one goal lead throughout 85 minutes of the match with some heroic goalkeeping from the TNS keeper Doherty. But Steven Gerrard came off the bench to grab two late goals to save us from further embarrassment.

Dijbril Cisse scored for the second successive match after 26 minutes. TNS defender's Chris King's mis-kick allowed Cisse to fire pass Doherty into the net.

We should have got the second goal after 50 minutes but Didi Hamann missed from the spot.

Stevie scored late to get 2 goals in sixty seconds with 2 right-footed shots. 5 goals over 2 legs from a midfielder is pretty impressive.

The Future of Embedded Linux

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
filed under Linux

Newsforge caught up with Greg Wallace, the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Emu Software, at last month's C3 Expo in New York. They did an interview about his panel's discussion on The Future of Embedded Linux. Interested readers can get a copy of slides from the panel by sending an email to wallace@emusoftware.com


My Blog On The New Paper

Monday, July 18, 2005
filed under News

I just realised that I was featured on The New Paper on July 15. It's regarding the recent NKF saga and the journalists quoted from a post on my blog.


Here's the article in full:

Get out now, say S'poreans

By Desmond Ng and Liew Hanqing
July 15, 2005

QUIT - the call has come from all over Singapore for the NKF CEO to step down.

From an on-going online petition to The New Paper's hotline down to the bloggers, there is one common word: QUIT.

Yesterday, The New Paper's hotline was buzzing with calls for his resignation.

'He needs to leave if the NKF wants to regain some credibility,' Mrs Tan Ai Khim, 35, a housewife, told The New Paper.

Ms Grace Lim, 23, a corporate tax associate, called to say that she has terminated her regular Giro donations to the NKF.

She said: 'He should quit. NKF's image has already been tarnished.

'If this is the way he has been running the organisation, it's time for changes to be made, or everyone will just stop their donations.'

Mr Durai is also making waves online.

Blogger Whiteout, of threeingredients.blogspot.com wrote: 'I can understand that one would need the comforts of business class to feel rejuvenated and ready to do negotiations straight off the plane.

'But seriously, if someone earns $600,000 a year for overseeing a charitable organisation, where your revenue originates from the kindness of the public, it's no wonder that we need so many charity shows each year.'

Blogger Tux-Hacker of tux-hacker.blogspot.com wrote: 'I'm signing a petition to remove T T Durai from his position.

'I urge many other Singaporeans to sign it, if they think Mr Durai has breached our trust.'

What has angered most people is that Mr Durai's huge salary and perks come from donation money that the NKF has been soliciting based on false figures - in terms of its number of patients and the cost of such treatments.

To put things in perspective, blogger Adrian Loo of www.adrianloo.com has made some calculations.

According to the NKF website, $5 buys a patient bloodlines for one dialysis session, $25 buys a patient a week's supply of injections to prevent blood clots, and $50 pays for a Child-Life therapy session to help a child cope with the emotional trauma of his/her illness.

In Adrian's version, Mr Durai's three-year income of $1.8 million could buy 360,000 patients bloodlines for one dialysis session each, each patient 72,000 weeks' worth of injections to prevent blood clots, and 36,000 Child-Life therapy sessions.

Blogger Izydata, of www.djourne.net/singaporeink, wrote: 'Now, having high salaries and extravagant toilet fittings is one thing.

'But (misleading) the public about how much money it needs, in order to raise more... I don't know what to say.'


Over 21,000 have signed an online petition as at 9am today, calling for Mr Durai, to be removed from his position. Many also called for the board members to resign.

Created by a Mr Lawrence Tan, the site at www.petitiononline.com was so popular that it became jammed at times, making it impossible for anyone to view or sign the petition.

Even several Internet forums like Sgforums and Singapore blogging bulletin Tomorrow.sg are abuzz with calls to sign the petition urging Mr Durai's dismissal.

The petition addressed to NKF Singapore claimed that Mr Durai 'has breached the trust of the people of Singapore'.

To check the site's popularity, we monitored the number of petitions signed during a five-minute period.

Over 200 people voiced their opinions during that short period.

One Mr Loh Cheng Chiang said: 'When you are using people's money, you have to be answerable to the people.'

One petitioner named Bruce said: 'For five years, I spent my time collecting money on donation cards for you. And I donated monthly through Giro to you.

'At one point, I was even donating $25 each month from my NS allowance of $340. I feel so angry...'

The petition also asked that NKF be more forthcoming with information about how much money goes to the needy and how much ends up being spent on expenses.

The petition said that unless NKF shows it is willing to be more responsible, donors should think twice and donate to more deserving organisations such as the Kidney Dialysis Foundation, the Community Chest and the Salvation Army. - Additional reporting by Karen Wong

Linux From Scratch

filed under Project

Linux From Scratch is a cool project that provides step-by-step instructions for building custom Linux systems from source code. Building from source code is definitely going to take ages, but it's gonna be helpful to aspiring Linux developers.

There's also a Automated Linux From Scratch project that automates the process of creating a Linux system using XML. These projects have much relevance to my honours year project. I'll be reviewing them this week.


Xbox 360 Launching Nov 4th

Sunday, July 17, 2005
filed under Gadgets

Xbox365.com is reporting that Microsoft is going to launch the Xbox 360 on November 4th. It's still not clear whether this is official. But the date looks good, it's my birthday! This should be the perfect birthday present.

Liverpool 3-0 Bayer Leverkusen

filed under Liverpool

Our pre-season preparations are getting on very well with an impressive 3-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen in Austria. Momo Sissoko made his first appearance in a Liverpool shirt in the second half.

The French connection played a big part in the first two goals. After 25 minutes, we got 2 goals in a space of 60 seconds involving DIjbril Cisse and Anthony Le Tallec. Le Tallec produced sublime passes for Cisse to finish 2 clinical strikes.

Steven Gerrard was again inspirational when he got a pass into Milan Baros' path and the latter produced a nice lob over the keeper.

It's great to see Cisse getting his goals again and Milan is proving his worth with 3 goals in pre-season.

Charity Show Artistes Get Paid Too

Saturday, July 16, 2005
filed under News

I'm absolutely fuming now. Go grab a copy of tonight's Shin Min Daily News and you'll be fuming too. There's a report saying Cao Qitai gets a $16,800 "red packet" per show and other artistes gets 4K to 5K per show. Maybe we could see Mediacorp suing SPH for libel. But I'm assuming it to be true. Look at Live8, the singers don't get a single cent. I had always thought Mediacorp artistes aren't earning anything in charity shows. But I guess this explains the number of charity shows this year. Prove me wrong, Mediacorp and NKF!

Linux Code Absolutely Clean

Friday, July 15, 2005
filed under Linux

In the August 13, 2002 Michael Davidson email which was unsealed recently, it was revealed that an outside consultant, hired by SCO in 2002, failed to find copyright infringments in the Linux Kernel.

At the end, we had found absolutely *nothing*. ie no evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever.

But in 2003, SCO still filed a $1 billion lawsuit against IBM for allegedly violating its intellectual property. They ignored the consultant's advice and are still trying to find evidence so they could make money selling "insurance" for Linux. More details over at Groklaw.


The 2005 Fortune Global 500

Thursday, July 14, 2005
filed under Business

The Fortune Global 500 has been released for 2005. The revenue required to make the world's largest companies list jumped 15% to $12.4 billion this year. Wal-Mart took the number 1 spot for the fourth year in a row. Exxon Mobil was the most profitable corporation in the world, with income of $25.3 billion.


NKF Board and CEO Stepping Down

filed under News

After the events in the past 24 hours, the National Kidney Foundation Board and its CEO, Mr TT Durai, have resigned. Mrs Goh Chok Tong has also stepped down as NKF Patron. I don't find this shocking at all though, they have to step down to restore public confidence. Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan will now help reconstitute a new Board and appoint a new CEO.

We now have to leave this behind us and I hope Singaporeans will continue to help kidney failure patients. But to restore our trust in NKF, they have to first satisfy our expectations on transparency and accountability.

Firefox 1.0.5 Out

filed under Web

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.5 is available now.

Firefox 1.0.5 is a security update that is part of our ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience for our customers. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version.

Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.5:
  • Several security fixes.
  • Improvements to stability.


Sissoko Signs for Liverpool

filed under Liverpool

20 year old Mali international midfielder Momo Sissoko from Valencia has joined Liverpool. He'll be wearing the number 22 shirt for this season.

Bloggers.SG 2005

filed under News

I would love to go, but I'm too busy.

Liverpool 3-0 TNS

filed under Liverpool

Steven Gerrard scored a hat-trick to seal a 3-0 victory over TNS at Anfield last night. We should have seen more goals if not for the TNS's goalkeeper Doherty heroics. Rafa may have a little to worry about the second leg at Wrexham given the scoreline. Nevertheless, this match was all about the influential captain Stevie G.

Just after 8 minutes, Stevie side-footed Fernando Morientes' layoff to take the lead. He made it 2-0 when he took the ball off TNS defender Evans and lob over Doherty into the net. Again, poor defending from TNS.

Following these 2 goals were a series of heroic defending and goalkeeping by TNS. The scoreline was kept at 2-0 until Stevie put a left foot shot into the corner at the 90th minute. That's his hat-trick and most importantly, the team is in good shape.

NKF CEO Earning Public Donations

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
filed under News

NKF's defamation suit against SPH opened yesterday. Thanks to NKF, we finally know where our donations are going to. And every single Singaporean were shocked yesterday to hear that CEO TT Durai earned 1.8 million dollars in 3 years. 12 months bonus last year! And every single cent came from public donations. Some people couldn't even earn this much after working for decades and they still donate to NKF. Couldn't he just forsake some of his bonus and donate them? What about the rest of the board members? We really need transparency and public accountability from NKF. How can Mr Durai prefer to keep his salary private?

I donated 100 bucks to NKF this year and I'm still an undergraduate with minimal earnings. I want my money to go to the needy and not for buying some stupid gold tap or buying "business class" air tickets or for some other stupid reasons.

If you've read the Straits Times yesterday, you have every reason to be mad with Mr Durai. He was simply avoiding every of SPH's Senior Counsel Davinder Singh's questions. For simple yes or no questions, he forked out a whole lot of stupid reasons and just avoided answering them. They have to stop playing games with the public and tell the truth. Mr Durai did fly first class, I don't care which airline or whether it's cheaper. Chairman Richard Yong revealed that senior executives fly business class for long-haul flights. This is not true. And I believe that there are more matters in NKF that the public does not know.

This is extremely cruel to the people who really need these donations. After this public scrutiny of NKF's administration, some people may think twice before donating now. We simply do not know who we are donating to. Unless NKF accounts for every single cent it gets from the public, I would choose to donate to other charity organisations instead.

12 months of bonus is outrageous. I'm signing this petition to remove TT Durai, CEO of NKF, from his position. I urge many other Singaporeans to sign this petition if you think that Mr Durai is breaching our trust.

Sign the Petition


Tuesday, July 12, 2005
filed under Project

PTXdist is a tool to generate root filesystems based on Makefiles and a KConfig frontend. It builds complete embedded distributions and makes it as simple as configuring a kernel. It's a rather simple tool compared with OpenEmbedded, Rock Linux, Emdebsys, etc. But too bad there's little documentation available and the source code is hard to understand.

For the past few weeks, I've chalked up a whole load of bookmarks on embedded linux issues, and I've basically grasped the idea behind building embedded systems. I'm not feeling so lost now and the motivation is coming back to me. This project is getting more interesting. I'm beginning to see the beauty of Linux.


Wrexham 3-4 Liverpool

Sunday, July 10, 2005
filed under Liverpool

The first competitive run-out for Liverpool was a 7-goal thriller match against Wrexham at the Racecourse Ground. We came from behind to win 4-3 against the League Two team on a hot day in North Wales.

We were stunned when Mark Jones rounded debutant Jose Reina and scored due to a lapse in central defence. We really need a fast paced central defender. Rafa, please do look out for one.

At the quarter hour, we equalised through a close-range tap from Fernando Morientes after a Darren Potter cross. And we lead through Nando's second with a close-range header from a Steven Gerrard corner, six minutes before the interval.

Our third goal was a Milan Baros' slot into an empty net after rounding the keeper. Milan got his second by diverting Xabi Alonso's through ball into the top corner. We got a 4-1 lead within 20 minutes of the second half.

However, we conceded two late consolation goals to end the match at a thrilling 4-3 win. Our defence ought to be improved though.

Soccernet's 10th Birthday

filed under News

Soccernet is celebrating its 10th anniversary this July. I was reading through articles on the history of Soccernet when I realised that it was started as a hobby project in the bedroom of a 12-year-old schoolboy, Tom Hadfield, in 1995. It's amazing that this website with over 21 million fans visiting last season was started by a 12-year-old. Even though Tom Hadfield has sold this website, I thank him for creating this wonderful place which I visit daily. Happy Birthday, Soccernet!

4 Year Deals for Gerrard and Carragher

Saturday, July 09, 2005
filed under Liverpool

Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have signed new four year contracts to stay at Anfield until 2009. I'm absolutely delighted with Stevie's decision. Carragher has been outstanding last season and I hope he will continue to stay at top form for this season. But I still see a need for a central defender for Liverpool.

London Bombs

Friday, July 08, 2005
filed under News

Blasts rocked Central London during morning rush hour yesterday, killing at least 37 and injuring many hundreds. This is the worst attack on London since World War II. Three Underground trains and a bus were bombed in multiple synchronized attacks. This is the signature of al-Qaeda attacks; co-ordinated attacks on innocent people in the public. A secret group of al-Qaeda in Europe has claimed responsibility. These evil people claimed to act on behalf of their religion, but they are actually just extremists who kill innocent people. I strongly condemn these stupid, babaric and despicable acts. Terror will not and must not win. We have only become stronger to fight these terrorists.

These are definitely planned deliberate acts. Just as Britain was celebrating its Olympic triumph, these terrorists came out to kill. This was also in coincidence with the G8 Summit. This is especially cruel when poor people in Africa are waiting for help from the G8 leaders. The world leaders of the G8 Summit have issued a united condemnation at the attacks and re-iterated that violence would not halt the summit, where talks would continue "in the interests of a better world".

A massive intelligence investigation is now under way to hunt down those responsible for the London attacks. These stupid people have to be punished and terrorist networks around the world have to be wiped out completely.

I am deeply saddened and extremely angry on seeing pictures and video clips of devastation in Central London. I send my deepest condolences to the victims, their families and friends.

Installing Ubuntu

Thursday, July 07, 2005
filed under Linux

I removed my ancient version of Red Hat Linux today and installed Ubuntu's Warty Warthog. I had loads of these Ubuntu installation discs mailed to me from Shipit - the Ubuntu CD Distribution System. The installation process was smooth with no errors. It took about 45 minutes. Yeah, it took quite a while, but most of the time was spent downloading and installing updates. I'm posting this from my Ubuntu Linux OS right now. Internet connection was set up without hassles. I just installed the GNU C compiler and everything's up and working now.

London 2012

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The host city for the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be the city of London. The result was revealed yesterday at the 117th IOC Session, in Singapore, after four rounds of voting by members of the IOC. It was a close competition between London and Paris, after Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated from the race earlier. London eventually triumphed by taking 54 votes from a possible 104. Congratulations, London!


Gerrard U-Turn

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
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In an amazing overnight u-turn, Stevie now wants to stay at Liverpool. I really couldn't believe it, it's too good to be true. He today reflected on his decision to remain at Anfield and admitted: "I just couldn't leave the club I love." A few hours ago, I had just hoped that he will change his mind and he did.

Gerrard's Leaving Anfield

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Liverpool FC today issued the following press statement regarding Steven Gerrard.
"The club has made it crystal clear we want to keep Steven at Anfield. Sadly, he has told us this afternoon that he will not accept our offer of an improved and extended contract because he wants to leave Liverpool. We very much regret the decision he has taken."

Sad news. I really hope Stevie could change his mind.

Waiting for Bigfoot

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From July 2 to August 20, San Francisco-based American artist Jill Miller will be camping in a remote Northern California forest, the epicentre of Bigfoot sightings. This project is part of Norwich Gallery's EAST 05 international exhibition. During this time, we can get a live feed of images updated in real time directly from the bigfoot campsite. Be sure to check it out.


Ninth of Australia's 12 Apostles Crumbles

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
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This rock formation near Port Campbell was called the Sow and Piglets until 1922 when its name was changed to The Twelve Apostles. But interestingly, there were only nine main rocks in the formation and further reduced to eight now. The 45-metre structure collapsed into the Southern Ocean at 9.18am (AEST) 03 July 2005.

EmDebSys Deprecated

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I was doing a research on EmDebSys and realised that it has been deprecated. Emdebsys is a system creation and configuration tool for embedded Linux. It was originally known as CML2+OS (2000-2001). This tool relates closely to my project, although my supervisor wants to see a more powerful system. It's a pity that the development of Emdebsys has been abandoned. I also found out that CML2 is not very popular among kernel gurus, with kconfig preferred in line with the current Linux kernel configuration system. Now, I'm off to reading "Building Tiny Linux Systems with Busybox" by Bruce Perens.

DIY Electronic Signboard

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Check out this interesting electronic signboard that allows you to enter your own message.


4 New Liverpool Signings

Monday, July 04, 2005
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Rafa Benitez unveiled 4 new Liverpool players today, with Bolo Zenden the latest signing. The Liverpool boss said: "We have today introduced Bolo Zenden as a Liverpool player but we have also signed Jose Reina, the best goalkeeper in Spain, Mark Gonzales, the best player in Chile and Antonio Barragan."

Building Embedded Linux

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I'm currently in the starting phase of my honours year project on "Building Embedded Linux".

Project Description:
This project looks at how to automatically build a small linux distributions, this means both the kernel and the rest of the OS, given constraints on the hardware platform. The reason for doing so is because embedded systems are usually constrained in terms of memory and storage. They may also not require the full generality of a distribution.

This project is motivated by an industrial partner which would be able to supply a development system for specific embedded target platforms. Related work is for example the Embedded Debian Project which makes use of the CML2 configuration system. However a more powerful system is envisaged for this project.

There is also an opportunity to be able to work with several players in the embedded arena such as Proxim.

I'll be posting my project activities on this blog, so that a project timeline can be drawn up easily when needed. As a start, I've been reading Robert Love's Linux Kernel Development and hope to finish it by mid-July.


Cheap Tze Cha

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Being a foodie myself, I'll be blogging more about good food in Singapore from now on. I had Tze Cha for yesterday's dinner. For your info, Tze Cha is like a cheaper version of ala-carte restaurant food, which is very popular among Singaporeans. These stalls are often located in coffeeshops. I had mine at Tiong Bahru's Tze Cha which is ironically located in Jurong East. Sweet sour fried fish, oil fried vegetables, tian ji (delicious meat of a species of frog) cooked in sauce and claypot beancurd were served. S$38 for 4 people. Most people living around Jurong East should have heard of this well-known stall. The food's delicious and affordable.

Block 254A Jurong East Street 24 (S)600254

BBQ Food

Sunday, July 03, 2005
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Yesterday's dinner was a simple matter of a BBQ stingray, 3 BBQ crayfish and fried rice. Typical Singaporean food. But hey, it's simple, tasty and cheap. S$30 odd for 3 people. In my opinion, this is the best stall selling BBQ food around Jurong. People living around Jurong should check this out.

Block 456 Jurong West Street 41 (S)640456

Streetdirectory.com.sg Hacked

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I was just going to check out some maps when I realised that the website was hacked by some guy called ammok. "Hacked by ammok!!!" appears as the title with a rectangular orange bar on the page.

Update: The website is back to normal as of 1230 today.

Indexed by Google

Saturday, July 02, 2005
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Great news, my blog is now indexed on Google Search. Thank you Googlebot.

Google Maps API

Friday, July 01, 2005
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Web developers can now embed Google Maps into their own websites with Javascript. This is a free beta service available to websites that are free to consumers. But this service is totally useless to me as Singapore is not covered in detail by Google Maps. I hope the developers enable worldwide coverage as soon as possible.


Creative Launches Zen Sleek

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Creative has launched the Zen Sleek MP3 player, the latest expression of the Zen style. This new product has a striking resemblance to the Apple iPod mini. The "sleek" design doesn't seem to appeal to me though.

Zen Sleek Features:
· Stunning design, in smooth aluminium and cool white contours.
· 20GB hard disk
· Vertical touchpad with LED backlight
· Large blue backlit display
· FM tuner with 32 presets and direct recording.
· Built-in microphone
· Equalisation feature with nine acoustic environments
· USB 2.0 connection

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