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Technology geekery. Linux Kernel hacking. Millionaire dream. Liverpool fan.

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Google Earth

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
filed under Technology

Google has launched yet another amazing service, Google Earth, as a standalone application. The rumours are true, it's available as a free download. It combines the power of Google Maps satellite imagery and Google Search to put the world's geographic details in a feature-rich application. Grab this free download and travel around the world.


Watch Live 8 on Starhub Digital Cable

filed under World

Great news for people living in Singapore. We will be able to catch the special "Live" telecast of Live 8 from 2 July, 9pm till 3 July, 7am. This telecast will be on Channel 01 Preview Channel, exclusively for Starhub Digital Cable subscribers.

Live 8 - The Long Walk to Justice

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
filed under World

The upcoming G8 summit on July 6th in Scotland may just be another world leaders meeting for ordinary people like us. But these 8 world leaders could make a decision that would make poverty history for our generation. We have to make sure they make this decision. Live 8 is a series of concerts that only wants to spread one message: To stop 30,000 children from dying needlessly of extreme poverty every single day. Every single human being has a part to play. These are the actions we can take

1. Watch LIVE 8 on tv and online
2. Go To Edinburgh
3. Send a Friend to Edinburgh
4. The Long Walk to Justice
5. Wear a White Band to show your support
6. Send in a picture and join the G8 Gallery
7. Edinburgh 50,000 - the final push
8. Email your leader
9. Sign the Live 8 List


Sign The ONE Declaration

Monday, June 27, 2005
filed under World

Come on guys. Let's help the poorest people of the world kick out AIDS and extreme poverty. The main goal of this campaign is to direct ONE percent of the U.S. budget to help poor countries. This ONE percent amounts to US$25 billion and could help transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the poorest countries. So, please take ONE minute and sign the ONE declaration.



filed under Web
" Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, but it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. "

This lightweight editor for web design and programming is an open source development project, released under the GPL licence. It has mutiple syntax highlighting for programming and web development languages. Developers should check this out.


The Barney Rustle Blanket

Friday, June 24, 2005
filed under Wishlist

Check out this cool yellow Crumpler bag. I have no idea what's up with its name "The Barney Rustle Blanket", but it sure looks good. It has to be on my wishlist.

Anyone who wanna sponsor me, please click on the Google ads on the right and bottom of my blog.


2005/06 Premiership Fixtures Released

Thursday, June 23, 2005
filed under Liverpool

Liverpool's first EPL game of the 2005/06 season will kick off away at Middlesbrough on Saturday, August 20. Well, it's still a 2 months wait.


80X15 Brilliant Antipixel Badge Maker

filed under Web

These buttons are especially popular with bloggers. I came across this web interface to create "80x15 brilliant buttons" using Bill Zeller's php script. It's a wonderful generator that also allows you to add images to decorate the button. A few of the badges on the top of my blog are made from this generator.


Gmail Icon Generator

filed under Web

Look at the right of my blog. I've found a nifty generator to make this gmail icon that knocks out email harvester bots. It's done in 2 simple steps. It's amazing. It's free.


Steve Jobs at Stanford Commencement

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
filed under News

At the Stanford's University's 114th Commencement recently, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, gave an inspiring speech urging graduates to pursue their love and see death as a tool to help us make important choices in life. I wouldn't have guessed that he was fired from Apple and later rejoined to turn it into a $2 billion company with over 4000 employees. Everyone should have a read/listen at his speech. It's available in its full entirety in audio and text format over at wiredatom.


Coldplay X&Y

filed under Music

X&Y, the brand new album from Coldplay, is out now. It has sparked a worldwide Coldplay fever, scooping the No 1 spot in more than 25 countries to date.

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Google Sightseeing

Monday, June 20, 2005
filed under Technology

This wonderful feature is the Google Maps service put to good use. The creators, Alex, James & Olly, blogs about interesting sights spotted using the Google Maps satellite feature. Anyone can suggest a sight using a submission form. There are even reported sightings of UFOs, with pictures as evidence.


The Genographic Project

filed under News

National Geographic is conducting a landmark study on human ancestry through DNA analysis. It's amazing that all humans descended from a single African ancestor only 60,000 years ago. Now, we have a chance to trace our roots all the way back to him. A participation kit can be purchased at U.S. $99.95 (plus shipping and handling and tax if applicable).

The kit includes the following elements:

• Buccal swab kit
• Multimedia DVD
• Exclusive National Geographic Genographic Map
• "Quick Start" card
• Genographic Project Brochure
• Self-addressed envelope
• Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID)


Google Wallet

Sunday, June 19, 2005
filed under News

Google is looking to generate more revenue by offering an e-payment service. This would definitely pose a huge rivalry to eBay Inc.'s PayPal. Google's move could potentially threaten PayPal service, which generated $233.1 million, or 23% of eBay's revenue in the first quarter.


Matchbox and Nokia

Friday, June 17, 2005
filed under Linux

Matchbox is a 50KB highly flexible window manager that depends only on xlib, allowing it to run on embedded platforms. It all started as a hobby project by freelance software developer Matthew Allum. Nobody would have guessed that Matchbox is now the window manager on Nokia's N770 Internet Tablet. Allum now owns OpenedHand, a company doing open source projects.



Thursday, June 16, 2005
filed under News

I'm really tempted at getting a PSP for this title. GTA: LCS will be released in Fall 2005.

Linux on Playstation 3

filed under Linux

In an interview with Impress PC Watch, Kutaragi disclosed that he plans to install the Linux operating system on the PS3's hard disc drive (HDD) so it will be recognized as a computer, rather than a mere console.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi revealed plans of running Linux on PS3. Linux will most probably run as a full fledged OS to make the PS3 work like a supercomputer. Yes, a supercomputer, according to Kutaragi. But it's gonna be on an add-on hard drive to be bought seperately.


EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
filed under News

The recent issue surrounding the Singaporean blogger shutting down his blog for fear of a libel action by the head of a government body has sparked a debate on the legal rights of bloggers. The Internet does not belong to any country, it's a single global digital world. EFF has produced this definitive legal guide for bloggers in this online world. In my opinion, no one should be denied the right to blog. If we can't have freedom of speech in the place we live, let's bring it to our blogs.


Dismantling the iPod Shuffle

filed under Gadgets

I came across this website that opened up the iPod Shuffle but failed to put it back. I got 2 of these tiny gadgets by the way. After seeing the internals, I realised that the cpu board could actually be put to better use.

"... CPU board with the Sigmatel STMP3550 chip (144 pin version). this is a universal audioplayer chip running at 75MHz. Some things jumpt out in this chips specifications:
* It can also drive a hard disk drive
* The chip als supports WMA files (Apple obviously turned this off)
* A radio function could be easily added
* Recording from a line-in or microphone is supported
* The firmware is upgradable
* A graphical LCD display is also supprted ..."

This Sigmatel STMP3550 chip is the second most expensive component. The most expensive component is the 512MB of flash memory at around USD$37.50. That's about 2/3 of the estimated USD$59 to make each 512MB iPod Shuffle. A whooping profit of USD$40 for each USD$99 player.


74 Clubs in 2005/2006 Champions League

filed under Liverpool

The Liverpool lads will start defending the Champs trophy 12/13 July. A total of 3 qualifying 2-leg rounds will be played before we are allowed into the group stage. The draw on June 24 will decide who we will play in the first qualifying round. This brings up the possibility of travelling to Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc. Check out the list below.

2005/06 UEFA Champions League Provisional lineup

IOC Stage Club Domestic position
ENG Q1 Liverpool FC Holders
ESP Grp FC Barcelona 1
ESP Grp Real Madrid CF 2
ESP Q3 Villarreal CF 3
ESP Q3 Real Betis Balompié 4
ENG Grp Chelsea FC 1
ENG Grp Arsenal FC 2
ENG Q3 Manchester United FC 3
ENG Q3 Everton FC 4
ITA Grp Juventus FC 1
ITA Grp AC Milan 2
ITA Q3 FC Internazionale Milano 3
ITA Q3 Udinese Calcio 4
GER Grp FC Bayern München 1
GER Grp FC Schalke 04 2
GER Q3 Werder Bremen 3
FRA Grp Olympique Lyonnais 1
FRA Grp LOSC Lille Métropole 2
FRA Q3 AS Monaco FC 3
POR Grp SL Benfica 1
POR Grp FC Porto 2
POR Q3 Sporting Clube de Portugal 3
GRE Grp Olympiacos CFP 1
GRE Q3 Panathinaikos FC 2
NED Grp PSV Eindhoven 1
NED Q3 AFC Ajax 2
CZE Grp AC Sparta Praha 1
CZE Q3 SK Slavia Praha 2
TUR Grp Fenerbahçe SK 1
TUR Q2 Trabzonspor 2
SCO Q3 Rangers FC 1
SCO Q2 Celtic FC 2
BEL Q3 Club Brugge KV 1
BEL Q2 RSC Anderlecht 2
SUI Q3 FC Basel 1893 1
SUI Q2 FC Thun 2
UKR Q3 FC Shakhtar Donetsk 1
UKR Q2 FC Dynamo Kyiv 2
NOR Q3 Rosenborg BK 1
NOR Q2 Vålerenga IF 2
POL Q3 Wisla Kraków 1
ISR Q2 Maccabi Haifa FC 1
AUT Q2 SK Rapid Wien 1
SCG Q2 FK Partizan 1
RUS Q2 FC Lokomotiv Moskva 1
DEN Q2 Brøndby IF 1
CRO Q2 HNK Hajduk Split 1
SWE Q2 Malmö FF 1
HUN Q2 Debreceni VSC 1
ROU Q2 FC Steaua Bucuresti 1
SVK Q1 FC Artmedia Bratislava 1
SLO Q1 NK Gorica 1
CYP Q1 Anorthosis Famagusta FC 1
MOL Q1 FC Sheriff 1
LAT Q1 FC Skonto 1
FIN Q1 FC Haka 1
BIH Q1 NK Zrinjski 1
GEO Q1 FC Dinamo Tbilisi 1
MKD Q1 FK Rabotnicki 1
LIT Q1 FBK Kaunas 1
BLS Q1 FC Dinamo Minsk 1
ISL Q1 FH Hafnarfjördur 1
MLT Q1 Sliema Wanderers FC 1
IRL Q1 Shelbourne FC 1
ARM Q1 FC Pyunik 1
WAL Q1 Total Network Solutions FC 1
ALB Q1 KF Tirana 1
NIR Q1 Glentoran FC 1
EST Q1 FC Levadia Tallinn 1
LUX Q1 F91 Dudelange 1
AZE Q1 PFC Neftchi 1
FAR Q1 HB Tórshavn 1
KAZ Q1 FC Kairat Almaty 1

NOTE: The information included in this list is provisional and will be confirmed by UEFA in mid-June following the receipt of the official entry documents from each of the national associations.

Bill Gates LIVE!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
filed under News

Bill Gates coming to Singapore. I'm looking forward to what he has to say regarding Longhorn. There's also the Closing Keynote:"Made in Singapore" by Sim Wong Hoo, Chairman and CEO, Creative Technologies. Sounds interesting? But it's kinda boring going alone to the event. Trying to get some friends tagging along.

Time : 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(Admission starts at 12 noon onwards)
Date : 1st July, 2005
Venue : Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Halls 601- 602
Recommended Audience :IT Professional, Developers, Faculty Members and Students (Tertiary IT Academics)

For enquiries please call 6550 8963 (Operating hours: 9am-6pm)


Playstation 3 Rumoured Pics

filed under Gadgets


These are the seemingly official Playstation 3 pics I saw at Gizmodo. The shiny metallic feel looks cool.

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