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Unforgiving Katrina

filed under World

Human beings have always suffered under the unrelentless force of Mother Nature. The recent natural disasters have made me realise that life is just so fragile that you are gone before you know what happened. The deadly tsunami just took away so many lives when the waves came in a split second. This hurricane came at
225km/h and took more innocent lives.

The aftermath of Katrina has been a spate of unhumane actions, with people questioning the government's competency.

All these seem like a Hollywood movie, but reality speaks for itself.

VICTIMS of Hurricane Katrina have returned to pick through their battered homes as President George W. Bush promised to fix bungled rescue efforts after a disaster in which the mayor of New Orleans said as many as 10,000 may have died.

Shocking death toll.

"We wanted soldiers, helicopters, food and water," said Denise Bottcher, press secretary for Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. "They (federal officials) wanted to negotiate an organizational chart."

Couldn't everything be done simultaneously? I don't know what the hell is an organizational chart. But I do know that human aid and food supplies could do more help.

``Katrina has been just the opposite. It has been a vacuum of leadership and a failure to take the nation and the people of the Gulf in his arms.''

Bush was a great leader when dealing with the Sept 11 attacks. But he has failed in every sense when dealing with this natural catastrophe. The slow response, the lack of governmental action, the poorly organized rescue operations, ...

Countries large and small have offered aid — from tiny Luxembourg's beds and blankets to half a million food rations from Germany and Britain.

It's heart-warming to see the enormous amount of aid.

A paramedic traveled two days to hurricane-ravaged Mississippi to bring his terminally ill brother home to die.

When disaster strucks, the most cruel thing is to separate a family into life and death.
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3:36 PM

Every emergency has an onsite leader that can be a police chief, a fire chief, or something similar to that. Katrina was such a huge disaster that no one individual could have been the onsite commander. So basically you would then have to split everything up to districts or regions (ie. cities). But even a city is almost too huge for this. Therefore, all the information travels through an emergency operations center (Like in the movie Volcano). But if the communications to the EOC is down and can't disseminate information to the huge list of onsite commanders then what do you do? Now add one more thing, the people that run the EOC are also the ones that are losing their own homes, too. Now all the people that actually stayed when they were told to evacuate 24 hours before the storm hit were the low income residents and the elderly and the sick. The low income residents consists of gang members and a whole lot of other bad karma. So now you have them getting into gunfights while people are trying to come to their aid. So now what do you do? Without communications, without a structure of order, and with mass chaos of violence, become an overwhelming task. It's not as easy as, someone's hurt let's go get them. It's more like someone's hurt... You run 2 miles to get to a boat, you run 2 miles in any direction and pray you can find a medic. Then you, run 4 miles and find a place we can bring this person (2 miles there, 2 miles back... cause you have to come back to tell them where to go). For everything that's happened, the people that are in charge should be thanked and not ridiculed. Communications are now back in line and you can tell when they did, cause that's when the cavalry came in because they actually knew where to go and who's in charge of what. And remember, don't just watch the news, they have a tendency to report the bad things that are happening and nothing good. 1,000 people were rescued within the first 48 hours after the levees gave away. Considering it takes on average 10 minutes a person that is a huge amount. Plus, it takes fuel for the helicopters and vehicles. So they have to plan for fuel depots and everyone has to know where they can get fuel before they leave. Of all that happened, it is amazing that they got organized as fast as they did.    

4:54 PM

"FEMA warned that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the U.S. But the Bush administration cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44 percent to pay for the Iraq war."

I got this quote from another news article. The situation would not be so serious if precautionary measures were taken beforehand. Just like the tsunami, detectors could have been built beforehand and the disaster avoided. But I guess saying all these would be useless now. Reality sets in, and people must be saved as soon as possible.

I'm from Singapore and all these information were taken from online sources or our local media. I bet you're nearer to the disaster so you could get more accurate information.

To those who are really rescuing people, I thank their great effort. And I send my condolences to the victims of the disaster. Rebuilding would be a massive task, just like the tsunami over here. But I can now see people who are really putting their effort in helping. And I hope New Orleans would be that beautiful place as before.    

9:17 PM

I love it, keep up the good work!

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