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Singapore Idol and Project Superstar A Failure

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Notice the recent hype about Mediacorp's Singapore Idol and Project Superstar? Sometimes, I wonder whether these are really singing competitions. They are trying very hard to replicate the success of America Idol. But voting in US is in the millions and the number of votes are really representing the contestant's popularity. Simon Cowell and gang doesn't vote. I think it's fair, we can't let a few individuals account for 30% of the score like Project Superstar.

I think the five judges over here are not professional enough to be absolutely fair. One of the judges is just trying too hard to be like Simon Cowell. Look at the third judge, her comments are too crude and seems fabricated. We can't assume she can judge someone's singing ability when she has only won a singing competition decades ago.

Our competitions over here are more like "survival of the richest" or to compete who can get the most number of teenage girls to have a crush on them or who has the most number of rich friends and relatives to support them.

It's so easy to be an "idol" here. Spend a few thousand bucks on phone calls in exchange for a lucrative singing contract. But, let's be realistic. Both the winner and runner-ups of Singapore Idol did cut their own albums, but it's only released locally. The winner is not eligible for World Idol. It's such a relief for Singapore; we don't want a guy who wears excessive makeup to represent our country and only knows the R&B genre. And we got a runner-up who prefers Chinese pop but still managed to go second in the competition. Has Singapore Idol been successful in making a superstar? I don't think so.

But Mediacorp sees it a success and created Project Superstar. The revenue generated from voting is too attractive. Singtel should also have got a piece of the cake from the services provided. They thought of another marketing gimmick to boost revenue. Guess what, they made use of the sympathy of Chinese viewers and introduced a visually handicapped contestant.

There's a television commercial going on recently with Wei Lian (the visually handicapped contestant) showing up at the last bit with some words saying whether we should vote him for the sake of sympathy. What's up with Mediacorp for showing this? Even a Mediacorp Radio DJ has criticised this commercial.

Singaporeans have always been insensitive towards disabled people and I thought the media should encourage the public to treat disabled people as normal. How will Wei Lian feel when his disability is used as a marketing gimmick and people are voting him out of sympathy? Please stop this stupid television commercial right now.
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6:04 PM


Money, Money, Money, is a rich man world. Money, Money, Money, make you a Superstar. I strongly agree with you that they are really out to make money. How can they ( organiser) get good vocal talent winner with such a method of elimination. Still remember the Singapore Idol where one of the judges make a remark to a boyish looking contestant and wonders how he can survive so many rounds of elimination. Does anyone realise how they (comperes)"instigate (keep repeating)" viewers to participate in the poll, i have really lost count of it. Does it look similar to a NKF charity show, afterall this is the channel that NKF support or vice versa.    

11:58 PM

Since you mentioned makeup, I just wanted to point something out. To the ladies: applying excessive makeup is one of the most distasteful, unattractive things a woman can do. I've written an article on this in my blog. Check it out.    

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