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NKF Board and CEO Stepping Down

filed under News

After the events in the past 24 hours, the National Kidney Foundation Board and its CEO, Mr TT Durai, have resigned. Mrs Goh Chok Tong has also stepped down as NKF Patron. I don't find this shocking at all though, they have to step down to restore public confidence. Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan will now help reconstitute a new Board and appoint a new CEO.

We now have to leave this behind us and I hope Singaporeans will continue to help kidney failure patients. But to restore our trust in NKF, they have to first satisfy our expectations on transparency and accountability.
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9:33 PM

If they did nothing wrong where step down?    

9:36 PM

why step down when they claim that they do nothing wrong? is this the end? case close?    

9:43 PM

since the bloodsuckers are gone. how do we protect the innocent and those who are really in need?
they are all good marketeers....    

10:00 PM

If they stay on, NKF will definitely collapse. They have to resign sooner or later.    

10:07 PM

Can we ask for an apology from Mr Durai for :

The patient who are the one suffering from the backlash.

Donors in Singapore

The actors/actresses who perform many dangerous stunts to solicit fund

And i hope he still have aome conscience left (Donate some of his PERFORMANCE BONUS to needy organisations)    

10:23 PM

Durai need to be question further on who authorise him to draw so much. This should not be the end. What about his secretary ? Is she earning S$10,000.00 per month ? What about all those in the Board. The case should not just closed. He should return most of the money to the NKF.    

10:26 PM

Now TTD just walk out with 1.8M in his pocket and enjoy life till the day die. do you think he willing return the 1.8M?

I do not see public need to resume donation to NKF for years as huge reserve can last for 30 yrs.    

10:28 PM

I am wondering if there is any legal recourse for the 2 guys that spoke the truth in 1997 but was banished to obscurity. They should be restored otherwise people will question our system.    

10:32 PM

Now is the time for us to go further then that. Resignation is not the end. It is just the beginning. Most of the S$1,800,000.00 "salary" taken from us donors during the past three years should be returned. It should be investigate further on the total amount he had taken as "salary" during the time he is in NKF. What about the others on the Board ? They have to disclose fully the total amount they had taken as salary.    

10:41 PM

One of his staff had protected him so well. She had said on TV that he work very hard for the NKF. She said that Durai can remember names of patients.

Hey, you guys out there. Wouldn't you be working very hard if you are earning S$300,000.00 per year ?

What about S$600,000.00 ? Wouldn't you be working EXTREMELY HARD ?

As for remembering names, I think anyone could 1,000 names if being pay S$600,000.00. So what is so special about that ?    

10:47 PM

Let me tell you one thing which most of you does not know. A few years back, I once donate S$1,000.00 cheque. After about one week or so, I received a beautiful gift from NKF. At that point in time, I already feel that they are running that organisation with different approach and mind set.

Why give gifts to someone that donate above a certain figure ? Again this need to be investigate further. Please believe me, they will deny this as they had deny that he does not travel first class.    

10:48 PM

This case should not be just simply closed. TT and the rest shd be investigated further. TT shd take his golden tap home before he leave the nkf office but to pay back $990 to the nkf fund.    

10:55 PM

We also need to know who are authorised to sign cheques in NKF.

How many are there ? Is there a safeguard on the S$200 million in NKF ? In the future, will someone or a small group of people just disappear with all the S$200 million in the NKF ? These are important issues which the Straits Times need to publish for discussion.

Just like the SIA, no one knows until millions are lost.    

11:03 PM

Since he had lost his case on the defamation suit, he should pay ALL the amount from his pocket. He should not use NKF fund in this case.    

11:26 PM

What next?
- review all process to ensure it's fair for all application
- review all senior staff pay and entitlement (if you think you worth more, please resign go somewhere)
- Any staff think TTD still stand, go and stand along with him to share the 1.8M

All because of TTD, if he's not gone "hair-wire" with making money for himself. NKF won't get into this.    

11:43 PM

What's next ?

Full disclosal of all their pay for the past ten years. This is call transparency. Right ?

We may be in for further shock.    

11:52 PM

i think he is a toughful man. without him, NKF wont become like this. i dont side NKF.. but Strait times is under SPH rite? of course they will said worst thing about them.... small thing become a big deal,.but we havent heard from the NKF Side rite?    

12:02 AM

Freeze his bank account !!!

These are donors' money !!!

NOT his !!!

When he admit that his annual income is $600K does not in any sense means that he still can have the money.


12:04 AM

NKF refuses to talk when asked, so where do we get their side of the story from? Ask Mr Singh to grille them again???    

12:15 AM

i have stop donating when i heard any news before this guy is that media crop artis are getting some percentage from the donating as their affort to do the show.. how bad it is now when i heard this new news and i think i got to voice it out to let those people investigating the case and give us a full story about where are all our donation gone to ..    

12:17 AM

Aiya, what is their side of the story ? ( If there is one ) They had said that he work very hard and remeber patients' names. So they indirectly justify that $600K is being paid to him for that. This was shown on TV yesterday. He is being defend by one of his staff.

Anyway, let's hear more from them. We also want to know about the others' salary.

We will be in for further shock if there are others getting $600K or more. Let's be transparent NKF. No more playing hide and seek with us donors.    

12:23 AM

is there anyone to investigate this case? if there's is someone then i got to break this information, i don't know is it true, i got this information from someone telling me that the media crop artis are getting some percentage from the donation. i not sure about it but it's been bothering me since then and now this guy using our money to fix a tap for his own pleasure.i think we really need the break down from the NKF where our money really go to ?and why must we pay extra $0.20 for a call to donate? shouldn't singtel don't charge us when we are doing a good deed? what is all this when we trying so hard to donate to those who really need help. if this thing won't want come to light i will never donate again to any charity show.    

7:19 AM

Let's ask Mr. Singh to start grilling Singtel    

7:20 AM

Let's ask Mr Singh to start grilling Singtel for how much money they earn from the "administration fees" for each calls....    

9:41 AM

Why the minister wants to step in upon NKF request? It gives people an impression that they are using government to shut people up    

10:02 AM

ya, shld check on singtel too... remember in the past, they only charge $5.20 for each call. but now, they are charging $5.80 for each call.    

10:13 AM

NKF Patients I deeply feel sad for more donor removing their monthly donation. This all because of NKF board which mislead public to know donation used for. Don't worry NKF still have 30 yrs of funding and KDF still here to help for sure.

As long as NKF not reviewing the true amount actually goes to patient I will not even think of donation again. Too much stories going around such 80/20. only 20 goes to patient and 80 goes paying for 12 mth bonus.    

10:15 AM

SINGtel is the win-win after all. Keep your donation going and now go NKF ask for your refund. 80cent was already billed, non of my busniess now.    

10:23 AM

Mr Singh I will love to see you in the NKF now- Pls continue with further investigation on how much the rest of the board are gettin and oh yes the rest of the staff. We want to know if every one is gettin 6-12 month on performance bonus. That TT still got the guts to look into people eyes and tell to continue with the good work and he keep on mentioning the 37 yrs with NKF - HEY HELLO - you don't work for FREE ok - YOU BEING PAID WITH OTHERS HARD EARN MONEY - AGREED YOU BEING THE VOLUNTEER FOR MANY YEARS AND HELP BUT WITH WHAT EXTEND? you know in the end there is GOLD POT waiting for you.

10:28 AM

The ceo is a blood sucking mother fucker do u think u can walk out jus like that u will pay some day, justice will be on our side the law will find u ass hole...    

10:30 AM

Wa.. take so much money from us aready jus walk out like that ar... do u think u can slp well at nite hope u wont ass hole.. hope u be punish by justice n hope u will go to hell    

10:34 AM


10:39 AM

do you think he will be afraid? i think he wont. he will be grinning and laughing behind our back. keeping all the money that he took from donors and enjoy his life. HE WILL GET HIS PUNISHMENT. wait n see.    

10:39 AM

come on guys don't have to use the four letter words - just relax now and see what is coming next. no point gettin angy - will raise our blood pressure. anyway I was angry too and even now I am still not satisfied by the outcome - but you know what - Singapore is like this - you talk so much - next thing the police come knocking at yr door - so play cool.    

10:41 AM

We want the Government of Singapore to recover all the money we donated to the needy used by TT and others. Otherwise, - we the citizen will lost our trust in our Country.    

11:12 AM

bet the staff who back him so much must have been gettin fat bonus too...I just don't understand what they meant my continue with the GOOD WORK...so far for the 37 yrs did anyone? And my oh my,,, he cares abt the patient - what just by flying around and driving around? BY THE WAY - TT WIFE - AND IMMEDIATE FAMILY HAVE TO BE INVESTIGATE TOO... IS SHE STILL DRIVING THE "MERZ"    

11:52 AM

a friend commented this : if he - TT - can produce a pot of GOLD SHIT which can help others or increase the reserve money - then it is ok to have gold plated tap. anyone agree?    

12:07 PM

Wow, I'm shocked by the number of comments. This matter is really in the mind of every Singaporean now. Now the ministers have stepped in, we would like to see exactly what our donations are used for in the past years. There's no point now scolding the people involved or wanting back our money. Once we get true accountability on our donations, the truth will be out. I'm sure the ministers would carry out the appropriate actions on the NKF Board and CEO. They have to restore public confidence on both NKF and the government.    

1:16 PM

Er......Just wonder if Mr.CEO Donated any to NKF??    

1:45 PM


2:13 PM

TTD had dug his own grave and stand in, bragging that no one dares to bury him - or else he will sue them till their pants drop.

Hurray, for SPH.

Hurray, for Mr Singh who professionally expose TTD and NFK with Mrs Goh shaking her head in the background!    

3:17 PM

I like Singapore, the people. It is nice to know that many donors have given donations to KDF last few days.    

4:45 PM

Ask TT Durai to get out of Singapore. Even if he leave NKF he is still in S'pore and he might deploy more Marketing tactic to cheat more money out from Singaporean. According to info.. he have a friend who are as Cocky as him, always claiming himself a Big Shot, not sure where he comes from... 81006963    

6:44 PM

Was wondering how much TT contribute to NKF per month $$?? Watever it will be, must be worst than "peanuts". Nice to see CEO sitting with coat...Why don't he do a stunt like our Ren Ci CEO.
BTW was wondering if there is aa pro-rated bonus scheme if he steps down. then would be approx. 7 months ~ extra for his salary. Can start a "peanuts" stall franchise.    

12:51 AM

Anybody wondered how Durai could have drawn such a big salary and at the same time get a 12-month bonus?

The bigger issue here is since NKF is a charity organisation, it should be under some government body right? Could Durai's bouns be the same as the other high-level civil servants? Meaning, Durai's bonus scheme could be consistent with some guidelines from the civil service right?

Think about it, the entire S'pore's high-level civil servants' bonus could have also been 12 months! If so, then Durai would not be the only guilty party right?

I'm not 100% sure about this... could anyone confirm this?    

12:08 PM

Officially, NKF has no links with the government. But I'm not too sure behind the scenes though.    

6:13 PM

Can anyone enlighten me if NKF belongs to any other ministry or organisation?

It is collecting donations from the public so some organisation must be governing it right? If not, the situation might even be worse than we thought!

Just imagine, S$260M of funds from public donations and no board or organisation checking on it...

For me personally, NKF went directly to Khaw Boon Wan for assitance and he chose to help out so there must be some connections right?    

10:28 AM

Hey, this could only be a tip of the iceberg. If need be, MHA should activate Commercial Affairs Department to probe further on all utilised financial assets. It's just not the end with a mere resignation.    

4:07 PM

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7:33 PM

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