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My Blog On The New Paper

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I just realised that I was featured on The New Paper on July 15. It's regarding the recent NKF saga and the journalists quoted from a post on my blog.


Here's the article in full:

Get out now, say S'poreans

By Desmond Ng and Liew Hanqing
July 15, 2005

QUIT - the call has come from all over Singapore for the NKF CEO to step down.

From an on-going online petition to The New Paper's hotline down to the bloggers, there is one common word: QUIT.

Yesterday, The New Paper's hotline was buzzing with calls for his resignation.

'He needs to leave if the NKF wants to regain some credibility,' Mrs Tan Ai Khim, 35, a housewife, told The New Paper.

Ms Grace Lim, 23, a corporate tax associate, called to say that she has terminated her regular Giro donations to the NKF.

She said: 'He should quit. NKF's image has already been tarnished.

'If this is the way he has been running the organisation, it's time for changes to be made, or everyone will just stop their donations.'

Mr Durai is also making waves online.

Blogger Whiteout, of threeingredients.blogspot.com wrote: 'I can understand that one would need the comforts of business class to feel rejuvenated and ready to do negotiations straight off the plane.

'But seriously, if someone earns $600,000 a year for overseeing a charitable organisation, where your revenue originates from the kindness of the public, it's no wonder that we need so many charity shows each year.'

Blogger Tux-Hacker of tux-hacker.blogspot.com wrote: 'I'm signing a petition to remove T T Durai from his position.

'I urge many other Singaporeans to sign it, if they think Mr Durai has breached our trust.'

What has angered most people is that Mr Durai's huge salary and perks come from donation money that the NKF has been soliciting based on false figures - in terms of its number of patients and the cost of such treatments.

To put things in perspective, blogger Adrian Loo of www.adrianloo.com has made some calculations.

According to the NKF website, $5 buys a patient bloodlines for one dialysis session, $25 buys a patient a week's supply of injections to prevent blood clots, and $50 pays for a Child-Life therapy session to help a child cope with the emotional trauma of his/her illness.

In Adrian's version, Mr Durai's three-year income of $1.8 million could buy 360,000 patients bloodlines for one dialysis session each, each patient 72,000 weeks' worth of injections to prevent blood clots, and 36,000 Child-Life therapy sessions.

Blogger Izydata, of www.djourne.net/singaporeink, wrote: 'Now, having high salaries and extravagant toilet fittings is one thing.

'But (misleading) the public about how much money it needs, in order to raise more... I don't know what to say.'


Over 21,000 have signed an online petition as at 9am today, calling for Mr Durai, to be removed from his position. Many also called for the board members to resign.

Created by a Mr Lawrence Tan, the site at www.petitiononline.com was so popular that it became jammed at times, making it impossible for anyone to view or sign the petition.

Even several Internet forums like Sgforums and Singapore blogging bulletin Tomorrow.sg are abuzz with calls to sign the petition urging Mr Durai's dismissal.

The petition addressed to NKF Singapore claimed that Mr Durai 'has breached the trust of the people of Singapore'.

To check the site's popularity, we monitored the number of petitions signed during a five-minute period.

Over 200 people voiced their opinions during that short period.

One Mr Loh Cheng Chiang said: 'When you are using people's money, you have to be answerable to the people.'

One petitioner named Bruce said: 'For five years, I spent my time collecting money on donation cards for you. And I donated monthly through Giro to you.

'At one point, I was even donating $25 each month from my NS allowance of $340. I feel so angry...'

The petition also asked that NKF be more forthcoming with information about how much money goes to the needy and how much ends up being spent on expenses.

The petition said that unless NKF shows it is willing to be more responsible, donors should think twice and donate to more deserving organisations such as the Kidney Dialysis Foundation, the Community Chest and the Salvation Army. - Additional reporting by Karen Wong
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12:01 AM

Wow, that's cool! You should try to get hold of that newspaper and keep it!    

12:15 PM

I've saved a copy of the article :)    

4:53 AM

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