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Liverpool 3-0 TNS

filed under Liverpool

Steven Gerrard scored a hat-trick to seal a 3-0 victory over TNS at Anfield last night. We should have seen more goals if not for the TNS's goalkeeper Doherty heroics. Rafa may have a little to worry about the second leg at Wrexham given the scoreline. Nevertheless, this match was all about the influential captain Stevie G.

Just after 8 minutes, Stevie side-footed Fernando Morientes' layoff to take the lead. He made it 2-0 when he took the ball off TNS defender Evans and lob over Doherty into the net. Again, poor defending from TNS.

Following these 2 goals were a series of heroic defending and goalkeeping by TNS. The scoreline was kept at 2-0 until Stevie put a left foot shot into the corner at the 90th minute. That's his hat-trick and most importantly, the team is in good shape.
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4:15 PM

Yay! Liverpool won! Stevie G scored hat-trick, 8th minute, 21st min and 89th min! Poor Total Networks Solutions... Anyway, I get to know a new Liverpool supporter today    

4:26 PM

Yeah, we won! Great to know you too!    

11:34 AM

What is so great about the 3-0 scoreline?

Singaporepool predict the correct score for AOS shown 1:5 but Liverpool can only score 3.

In other words, expected result should be at least 6 goals scored by Liverpool.

How to defend Champion League Title.    

11:44 AM

Well, this is the first competitive match of the season. Striking power may be a little lacklustre. Some clear cut chances were also saved by some heroic goalkeeping from TNS. Nevertheless, I think this is a good start.    

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