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Technology geekery. Linux Kernel hacking. Millionaire dream. Liverpool fan.

Dismantling the iPod Shuffle

filed under Gadgets

I came across this website that opened up the iPod Shuffle but failed to put it back. I got 2 of these tiny gadgets by the way. After seeing the internals, I realised that the cpu board could actually be put to better use.

"... CPU board with the Sigmatel STMP3550 chip (144 pin version). this is a universal audioplayer chip running at 75MHz. Some things jumpt out in this chips specifications:
* It can also drive a hard disk drive
* The chip als supports WMA files (Apple obviously turned this off)
* A radio function could be easily added
* Recording from a line-in or microphone is supported
* The firmware is upgradable
* A graphical LCD display is also supprted ..."

This Sigmatel STMP3550 chip is the second most expensive component. The most expensive component is the 512MB of flash memory at around USD$37.50. That's about 2/3 of the estimated USD$59 to make each 512MB iPod Shuffle. A whooping profit of USD$40 for each USD$99 player.

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